Retailer Justification Toolkit

You already know that attending any PRSM conference is worthwhile investment of your time and budget, but what makes PRSM2016 National Conference different?

It’s simple: the knowledge you get, the skills you build, and the connections you make offer an immediate and tangible payoff.

During presentations and networking sessions, you will learn about innovations and best practices that will impact the sourcing process and education you and your team need to keep up with the changing FM industry.

  • Take advantage of a great opportunity to meet with new and existing suppliers and experience the evolution of their offerings.
  • Networking opportunities – there are plenty of them during the conference, make sure that you take advantage of them all.
  • Explore our education sessions and lead the revolution within your organization as you implement all that you learn with real world and practical tools.

Check out how previous attendees have rated their experience:

  • “The conference is great for continuing to gain knowledge of the industry as the education sessions are varied and on-point for my needs. I loved networking with other industry leaders as well.”
  • “Seeing supplier innovations in the Exhibition are very helpful in expanding the resources we’d like to incorporate.”
  • “The partnership building, relationship strengthening, those are the heart of the experience for me.

Need to Convince your Boss?

Well, you are not alone!

PRSM has created a Justification Toolkit for you to make it easier to present your boss with all the information about why you need to attend. The Toolkit will provide you with the following:

Convince Your Boss to Send You to
PRSM2016 National Conference
A simple draft letter to your boss that
you can personalize and submit
General Tips & Talking Points Tips and Talking Points to lead the discussion
with your boss
Quantifying the Benefits of Attending
PRSM2016 National Conference
Information on how to calculate your ROI
and quantifying the benefits of attending
Calculating the ROI of Attending
PRSM2016 National Conference
A worksheet to help in calculating your ROI Download-button